Taking Action for Greater Educational Access
and Social Equity in America

Our Committment

The University of Chicago is announcing the launch of UChicago Stand Together, a new initiative to increase educational access and career success for underrepresented students. Through collaboration and partnerships with community-based organizations, other institutions of higher education, and Corporate America, UChicago Stand Together reinforces educational and career opportunities for students of color and other underrepresented groups, supports organizations working to enhance access in education, and expands equitable and responsive pathways to college for students underrepresented in higher education.

Stand Together Scholarship

America's young people are activated and ready to lead. The new UChicago Stand Together Scholarship represents $15 million in new four-year scholarships that will be awarded to emerging student leaders and scholars involved in, serving, or advancing groups that are underrepresented in higher education, critical academic fields of study, and leadership in the workplace.

Accelerating the Careers of Underrepresented Groups

Black people and other communities have been historically under-represented in leadership positions and board rooms across the country. UChicago Career Advancement is ready to expand its services and programming to champion the talents and achievements of historically underrepresented groups to employers and partners. Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion efforts at UChicago Career Advancement »

"We are excited to weave 100 Black Men of Chicago into the fabric of the University of Chicago to become a more impactful catalyst of change for the South Side of Chicago." —Carl H. Tutt, president of 100 Black Men of Chicago

Supporting and Uplifting Community Partners

Foundations and community-based organizations (CBOs) across the country have been leaders in enhancing educational access, providing critical role models, and supporting underrepresented students and their families. UChicago Stand Together seeks to partner with outstanding organizations that improve educational outcomes for Black students and other underrepresented or under-resourced students, providing support to scale their efforts and better serve their communities. Find out more about how UChicago supports CBOs, including new Stand Together resources.

UChicago Promise: Moving Online, Virtually Empowered, Unlimited Potential

In its home city of Chicago, UChicago will launch comprehensive support to students attending Chicago Public Schools, of whom nearly 90% are students of color. An enhancement of UChicago Promise, MOVE UP will directly engage CPS students and families throughout high school, providing free post-secondary guidance and college preparatory programming in order to expand pathways to college. MOVE UP will establish a new early, streamlined process for Chicago Public Schools students that will serve as both an application to UChicago and a connection to more than 150 other institutions of higher education. CPS students will also be granted additional flexibility through a new rolling Early Decision application plan. Explore UChicago Promise: MOVE UP »

"Goldman Sachs and UChicago share the belief that talent knows no boundaries, but opportunities can be limited. UChicago shares our passion for advancing inclusion and providing opportunities for underrepresented students to explore careers across financial services."—Megan Hogan, Global Head of Diversity Recruiting at Goldman Sachs

Expanding Pathways for Veterans

Veterans are among the most respected and honored members of our society. Despite this, veterans remain underserved in higher education, often facing a lack of resources and direct support when compared to other students. Stand Together will expand programming for veterans that aims to demystify selective college admissions and add a streamlined process to apply to UChicago. Once admitted, veterans will have access to standout support structures to guide them through college and into successful careers. Learn more about UChicago’s programs to support veterans to and through college.


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